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About Us

Sobol Al-Afia Pharmaceuticals- Medical Equipment was formed in 2013, Headquartered in Misurata - Libya.
Over the years, Sobol Al-Afia grew into a major healthcare provider for the medical market in the Libya. In 2013, .
This significant development has greatly and positively reflected on Libya ’s growth and contributed to a larger, stronger sales presence, knowhow and potential.

Our Vision

To make our company in the ranks of international companies, through multiple plans, both short-term or long term, and that achieve superior levels of return on our investments and for the benefit of society.

Some of our Clients

Misurata IVF center ,Tripoli IVF center ,Benghazi IVF center , AlAmal IVF Center , Almoktar IVF Center , Bushra IVF Center , EBN Sina IVF center , .....

Ministry of Health Hospitals,& Medical Services- Hospitals & Clinics ,Tripoli Medical Center ,Tripoli eye hospital ,Abu Saleem Incidents Hospital , , Galaa Maternity Hospital Tripoli  ......


• To be always the best competitors in our markets and in the supply of hospital medical equipment and devices
• Work on the development of our relations with our suppliers, and the exchange of views on all new benefit for all.
• Competing for government tenders and private companies.
• Paying attention to customer requests and meet and exceed expectations.
• provide customers with products and services appropriate to their needs and the highest level of quality.
• To be the “preferred partner” for our customers.